I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was in nappies.  Things never really changed, although you will be glad to know I am no longer in nappies.   

At school,  I was the kid that seemed never be paying attention.   Seemingly in my own world, doodling,  or looking out the window whilst wondering what else I could be doing that would be more fun.   The creative monkey in me was bursting to get out...

When I started college, I originally had the idea of going into graphic design.   I studied, worked, studied some more, and all the while I was never far away from a camera.   After photographing my first event, and getting instant gratification and praise from others,  I was hooked.   Photography was my outlet.   A new way to show and share my passion.   I've never looked back.

I do the work I do because I love it.   I love the industry.   I love the people I meet.   I embrace the occasion and try and make it unforgettable in any way I can.   Hopefully we will cross paths someday and make it  unforgettable together.


Me & my Monkeys...

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